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I’m Back!

Please apologize my absence I have had quite a large amount of work the past few weeks. The Good news is I’m back! Yes that is right but I have not had time to think about any good topics to cover. This is quite a predicament as you can well imagine. My request is that you comment on this post with ideas of topics that you want to read about. I will have a new post up for you ,but like I said I need your help so post your idea and check back on Friday for the post.


To Get Things Started

I am a college freshman at Southeast Missouri State University majoring in pre-med. My philosophy behind college is simple, find the best way to make a name for myself while still enjoying life. Okay so it may not sound that simple. You are probably thinking that as a pre-med major I will have absolutely no free time to enjoy myself. Well then I am glad that you found this blog because I will be giving you the tips that I learn as I go through college. That means if you have a problem I am probably dealing with the same thing but the good news is I am looking for the solution. The first problem I encountered in class is that the way I took notes in high school is not going to cut it in college so in the next couple of posts I will be explaining different note taking systems and which ones work best for me in my different classes but first I want to hear the ways you take notes so answer the poll and leave a comment. I am excited to see where this semester takes me and I hope you are too.